Milk House Perfect Renee VG86

2 year old, 2nd freshening

DOB: Feb 21, 2017

Renee is another Perfect Remake daughter that has been so impressive to watch mature; she has incredible depth and width for a young doe, I sometimes forget that she is only a 2 year old. Renee has that long body that stays stays strong throught the chine and is smoothly blended...exactly what we are looking for in a topline. She has great width between the hocks that gives ample room for a very globular and productive udder. Apparently the judges agree, as Renee has been a top performer in the shows we have brought her to and already has two legs towards her championship. She also produced my favourite kid we have produced to date, Milk House Blue Renegade.

Show wins: 

2017 Salmon Arm - Jr Champion, judge Daniel Lawton

2019 North Thompson Goat Show -  Grand Champion Nubian & Best Doe in Show

2019 Salmon Arm - Grand Champion Nubian