Lakeshore Blazin' Summer Image (AI) VG85

G6S Normal by testing.


When we were shopping for bucks this year and I saw Blaze I immediately knew he was the one! He comes from an incredibly strong maternal line established at Lakeshore Farms combined with the very old foundational genetics of the Wingwood Farms and I fell in the love with combination. 


Blaze is everything I hoped for...he has developed into an extremely wide and deep for a buckling his age and combines this with extreme dairy character with a long neck and very sharp angulation, standing very square on strong feet and legs. He is also is from a set of quintuplets, has a littermate sister Lakeshore Blazin Indigo that is retained at Lakeshore and placed 11th as an intermediate kid in 2015 Nationals, and a littermate brother residing at Pella C's as a Jr. herd sire. We are so thankful to Megan Tredway-Carter for breeding such a stunning animal and allowing him to come to Canada.

Dam: SGCH LakeShore FD Summer Intrigue 6*M EX91 EEEE

Photo courtesy of Lakeshore Farms