Mythic Rose EX94

pictured here as a 7 year old 7th freshener

yearling, first freshener

Rose is a powerful doe that is the total package. She stands on strong feet and legs, has a strong topline and near ideal rump being nearly level from hips to pins and very wide from thurl to thurl. She has a great overall area of udder attachment and lovely udder texture that milks out completely. Rose is a special girl that has proven to produce outstanding kids whose genetics mix well with many lines.  We have retained kids from every single litter she has given us and is definitely the cornerstone of our breeding program (including CH Mythic Winter's Farwell, Milk House Perfect Reward and Milk House BSI Summerose).

After having some hormonal issues in 2018 we failed to get her to settle but are ecstatic to have another chance at kids from her as a coming 11 year old but Haldibrook Kroosader!